The Hellfire Bride

Cover Art for Eryn Lockhart's "The Hellfire Bride"

James Remingsdale has dedicated his life to avenging the woman he loved and lost, Melissa McLoughlin spent most of hers in a convent until fate throws her bound and tied on a collision course with his revenge. Together, they strive to bring down some of the most scandalous & degenerate nobles in the ton, & discover that love can heal even the deepest of scars. Suspense, laughter, passion, and love fairly blaze off the page as their journey takes them from the darkest moments in their lives to the joy of finding the one who makes it whole.

“The Hellfire Bride” is my 1st novella,  a Regency Romance set in 1827. At approx. 14,700 words, it’s a wonderful story perfect for lunch breaks, before bed, or anytime you’ve got a few moments to spare. So, feel free to check it out, and spend a little while in a thrilling escape to a by-gone era, on a whirlwind journey of suspense, passion, and love.

If you’d like to add James & Melissa’s whirlwind story to your collection, please click on a link below:

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