Author Interviews

I’ve always been fascinated by learning more about the person behind the story, and Author Interviews are a wonderful opportunity to do just that.  So, whether I’m in the hot seat, or hosting another author,  I relish the  ability to give readers a sneak peek into the minds behind the book.  The links below are a fantastic way to get a glimpse into our lives, inspiration, motivation, hobbies, current projects and more!

Interviews On Eryn:

Interviews By Eryn:

Interview Requests: I love cross-promoting with authors, and I believe we all deserve a chance for our work to shine. All genres are welcome, and I’ll make every effort to respond to requests promptly (Blog comments or Twitter @ErynLockhart preferred). To prevent confusion, the list of authors slated to have interviews on my blog is in order of appearance Here. The list will be updated regularly as new requests arrive, each author will receive a few days of face-time at the top of my blog, and their names will be grayed out after.

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