Book Trailers

Lights, camera, action! My stories are ready for their close ups in these cinematic shorts. They feature cover art, teaser blurbs, and soundtrack, so make sure to mute your speakers before playing if you don’t want to hear music.

Regency Romances Trailer

After Midnight: Lucien Warrick’s years of service as an agent of the Crown have prepared him for everything…except Jacqueline Gervais; a spirited French refugee who’s skills in deception and sabotage rival his own. Together, they discover that the path to true love goes hand in hand with a mission that can make or break an empire.

The Hellfire Bride: James Remingsdale’s quest to avenge the woman he loved and lost leads him to the darkest underbelly of Regency London, where rescuing Melissa McLoughlin allows him to see that love can heal even the deepest scars.

After Midnight Trailer

Meet the Lead Characters:

Lucien Warrick: A hero who’s long years of service as an agent of the Crown have left him cynical and jaded; Luc’s urbane charm masks a heart long since gone cold. Ruthless, seductive, and sardonic, his razor wit hides the emptiness of a life spent in darkness…A legendary shadow in international intrigue, the Night Wolf is about to meet his match.

Jacqueline Gervais: A heroine with a core of steel, Jacqueline has no time to play damsel in distress. Instead, she turns her unusual talents towards rescuing the Calvary and British artillery by spying for the Crown. Gifted in skills best suited to the shadows, The Golden Hind is a creature of fatal allure and a thousand faces.

Music score via Kevin MacLeod’s royalty free music website at

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