Traveling Fast, Writing Slow

It’s been an eventful 48hrs, nearly 24 of which were spent in airports. My freshly minted resolution to attempt writing a minimum of 1,000 words a day is 2 days in arears, but I have a good excuse.

I moved cross country.

Something came up with family, and luckily I was in a position to haul up stakes. However, my PC is in 5 pieces, my external hard drive’s cords may not have made the trip with the rest of the hardware, and since arriving back in my hometown, I have yet to decide where–exactly–do you put luggage & the jet lagged owner when there’s been next to no notice on either side?

I am a techie–not full-on geek, but I love my machines…especially my PC. Right now I’m borrowing my sister’s laptop in absence of a definitive resolution for where all the parts of my computer are, and where I can put them once assembled. Not having my baby set up makes me feel a great deal more rootless than realizing I pulled off a 1,000mi move with a carry-on, personal item, and 1 piece of checked luggage.

However, there was one incredible bright spot in the sea of uncertainty: I have my first review. One of the readers of After Midnight for the Kindle liked what she read, and liked what she read so much that she submitted her opinion for all the web to see. Reading what the reviewer thought of a story I loved and labored over for so long has made every bit of the hassle over Labor Day Weekend fade; indeed, it probably made my month.

In addition, I’ve decided I’m going to try my best to have a manuscript ready for submission to RWA’s Golden Heart, and I’ve sent a request to join GoodReads author’s program. It will be a very busy month as I re-accquaint myself with the city, tackle lodgings, and try to have the manuscript ready along with new content for GoodReads, but somehow, I know I’ll manage it.

I also set a very ambitious 5 year goal for myself—which I’m keeping quiet for right now. The good news is that in order to fulfill said goal, I’m going to be crafting new stories, new characters, new takes on the wonderful road to Happily Ever After (HEA) that romances are known for, and I hope you’ll be along for the journey.




Books for Nooks! :)

Both my Regency Novella “The Hellfire Bride”, and my full-length Historical novel “After Midnight”, are now available on Barnes & and! Kindle users got a slight head start on my stories due to Amazon’s faster turnaround time, but finally, Nook fans will be able to enjoy them as well. Please click on the cover art for the book of your choice to be taken directly to it’s page at Barnes and Noble, for Amazon, please click on the link directly below the image.

Cover Art for Eryn Lockhart's "The Hellfire Bride"The Cover Art for Eryn Lockhart's "After Midnight"








……The Hellfire Bride for Kindle…………….After Midnight for Kindle……..


After Midnight

Cover Art for Eryn Lockhart's "After Mindnight"


The Hellfire Bride

Cover art for Eryn Lochart's "The Hellfire Bride"

Latest Addition: “The Hellfire Bride”


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For those looking for a quick & delightful read, I’m pleased to announce that “The Hellfire Bride” a Regency Romance Novella set in 1827, is available at, Barnes &, and Smashwords. At approx. 14,700 words, it’s a wonderful story perfect for lunchbreaks, before bed, or anytime you’ve got a few moments to spare. So, feel free to check it out, and spend a little while in a thrilling escape to a by-gone era, on a whirlwind journey of suspense, passion, and love.

Cover Art for Eryn Lockhart's "The Hellfire Bride"

James Remingsdale has dedicated his life to avenging the woman he loved and lost, Melissa McLoughlin has spent most of hers in a convent until fate throws her bound and tied on a collision course with his revenge. Together, they strive to bring down some of the most scandalous & degenerate nobles in the ton, & discover that love can heal even the deepest of scars. Suspense, laughter, passion, and love fairly blaze off the page as their journey takes them from the darkest moments in their lives to the joy of finding the one who makes it whole.

If you’d like to add their thrilling story to your collection, please click a link below:

New Release! Presenting “After Midnight”


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The wait is over. I’m thrilled to announce that After Midnight, my very first romance novel, is now available at, Barnes &, and Smashwords.

The Cover Design for After Midnight

"Love is the Most Dangerous Game of All"

A Rakehell Rogue

In a world plagued by Revolution and Intrigue, love is the most dangerous game of all. When Lucien Warrick’s mission to rescue a French ambassador’s family from the Revolution goes awry, he has no way of knowing that he’ll meet his lethally lovely charge again in London. A legendary shadow with godlike reputation in international intrigue, the Night Wolf is about to meet his match.

A Defiant Damsel

As the sole support for her remaining family, Jacqueline Gervais has no time to play damsel in distress. Instead, she turns her unusual talents towards rescuing the Calvary and British artillery by spying for the Crown. A woman as skilled in deception as she is in sabotage, The Golden Hind is a creature of fatal allure and a thousand faces.

A Love That Will not be Ignored

A war between two nations pales in comparison to their clash of wills and passion, but when a sinister web of betrayal and deceit forces them to become mortal enemies, will the cost be their lives, or their hearts? The fate of two empires hangs in the balance, and anything is possible…After Midnight.


It is a fascinating full-length historical romance set during the Napoleonic Wars & early Regency. I loved writing Luc & Jacquline’s story, and I hope that you will welcome them into your hearts as well.  For anyone interested in adding their thrilling journey to their eBook collection, please click on the link below:

No Rest for the Winded…

It’s been an exhausting 24hrs. I didn’t go to sleep until about 3am this morning, then had to get up 3hrs later for my day job. The siege between me and ended just over an hour ago, when it officially listed my novel as “Publishing” status rather than “In Review” or the dreaded Draft. Sometime tomorrow, my story will be officially available–as soon as it is, I’ll post links, cover art, and a synopsis of my book.

And if that wasn’t enough on my plate, I’ve already started working on formatting the next story for eBook distribution: a charming Regency Romance novella that shows how sometimes, the best things in life can happen just when you think things can’t get any worse.

Tonight, there’s a good chance I’ll be celebrating my first novel’s imminent availability by swinging by Tournament of Kings–an amped up version of Medieval Times (the Renaissance Fair equivalent of dinner and a show). The festivities are held at the Excalibur casino in Las Vegas…but given my state of exhaustion, the back up plan is  falling into a coma if I’m not up to playing my Faire Lady.

Amazon Wars.

Today I’ve been battling with  For more than 8 hours. It kicked my novel out of “In Review” back into draft status late last night, I re-loaded everything & sent it back….

And woke up to Draft status this morning.

Every minute I could spare today was spent troubleshooting. Everything was re-formatted. The cover was re-worked. The properties were re-assigned….and then declared war.

This post marks the 4th time my story has been submitted today. I have to applaud the turnaround time–it averages 24hrs for Amazon to haul a novel out of cyber limbo to publish, but it’s apparently MUCH faster at spitting the files back at you & laughing in your face.  I’ve already spent the better part of today scanning the FAQ’s, How-to’s, and troubleshooting pages. If this last submission doesn’t work, I’m declaring a complete and utter rout of the DIY approach, and will be enlisting techinical support.

Summary & Backstory


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I am a Romance author, unrepentant chocoholic, all-around movie-hound, latter-day gypsy & bookworm. I’m addicted to travel, atomic cuisine, music & corsets, and I love to dance…though no claims to expertise. In my free time I’m usually writing or reading, and I adore any excuse to get dressed up to the nines or belt out tunes in karaoke.
As a die-hard romantic, I’ve always loved the romance genre. I grew up sneaking novels from my mother’s collection, then a few years down the road began writing my own. Most of my books are historical romance; I’m fascinated by the Regency period and the drama inherent in by-gone eras, though I enjoy writing Contemporaries as well. There’s something magical about crafting a tale where two people find true love. I love what I do, and I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.
If you want the latest, up-to-the minute news on what’s going on with me and my writing, check out my twitter feed, I’m also on facebook and Goodreads. For the full story rather than tweets, look no further than my blog. Whether your primary interest is when the next book is coming out, or what I do with my life when not chained to a keyboard, there’s a category to suit your needs. Current Events will give you the low down on my writing as well as the latest author interviews, for myself and guest writers,   What’s Happening? will let you know what’s going on in my life, and if you’d like to peek at what’s currently on my nightstand, check out Book Reviews by Eryn.

Common ?’s…

  1. Are your novels available in hardcopy? At this point in time, my stories are only available in eBook format.
  2. Why eBooks? It allows me to offer my novels to readers for a lower price than standard printed books, saves trees, and is a great way for you to get a fantastic story at a bargain. My stories are currently available at, Barnes &,, and
  3. Do I have to have an eReader (Kindle, Nook, or iPad) to read your novels? Absolutely not. Thanks to Smashwords, you can read my stories on your PC or even smartphone, or for Amazon  & Barnes & Noble fans, you simply download whichever viewing format you like best–the Kindle from Amazon, or the Nook from Barnes & Noble, and you’ll be able to read straight from your PC.
  4. Are your novels compatible with both the Kindle & the Nook? Yes, and far more. Kindle & Smashwords fans will have access to my stories slightly faster than Nook users, because Barnes & Nobles has a few extra steps in their submission & editing process. Just make sure to get your ebook in the correct format–eBook files created for the Kindle are NOT interchangable with the Nook & vice versa,  & Smashwords editions are probably only meant to be used in machines compatible with the original format you choose to download.
  5. Will you have more novels coming out soon? I make every effort to write daily, but crafting a story, then editing, formatting, and having a cover designed for it is very time consuming. The best way to find out when more stories will be coming out is to check under the Current Events category in my blog–it contains the latest information on my works in progress.
  6. Why are some stories more expensive than others? It is directly related to word count and the time it took to write the book. Some of my stories are full-length novels, some are approximately the length of a Harlequin, and some are novellas designed to be finished in a lunch break. The longer the book, the higher the price.
  7. Why do you have stories that are different lengths? I think that everyone deserves to have romance in their life, regardless of time constraints or budgets. Some people may not have time to read a full-length novel, some may not have a budget that allows buying full-length novels whenever they’d like, and others may simply want to get a feel for my writing style before moving to a longer story. Offering books in 3 distinct lengths is my way of trying to make sure there’s something for every reader.
  8. Why are your books available at before B&N’s turnaround time for eBook availablity after submission is slower than Amazon’s. On stories submitted the same day, Amazon can have books available within 24hrs after I upload the files, B&N can take up to 72. I have no control over how long either website holds the books in limbo after I supply the documents, but I make every effort to insure that both Kindle & Nook users have access to my stories asap

Disclosure Information

I am not compensated for interviewing authors or reviewing books. Both activities are on a volunteer basis, neither the authors nor any of their representatives pay me to do so. I may receive free reviews copies of a work from those interested in having me review their book, but I am not on their payroll.  Interviewing authors does not equal a personal endorsement for individual writers or their work; it is merely an opportunity for me to share my love of learning more about the people behind the books, and gain an inside perspective.

Finally, I am a member of Amazon affiliates; and have incorporated affiliate product links into my site. If you click on one and proceed to buy an item & keep it, I’ll eventually  receive a few pennies in return. It’s not even enough to support getting a bar of chocolate a week, much less a career–but if you don’t want to be bothered with them, don’t buy anything through the window the link takes you to–just open up a new tab, and proceed from there. Affiliate pennies come from Amazon, not you or authors–they’re essentially a brief pat on the back for networking and getting new material up; and they also let me know if perhaps my writing style on The Letters could be more effective.

Soon to be Released!


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A labor of love is currently in review at; links will be forthcoming as soon as I know my novel is available in their Kindle Store. This particular story is very dear to my heart—it was the first romance novel I began writing, and the first to be finished, despite multiple breaks to work on other stories, the death of my PC (twice), 3 moves, and sundry other harrowing escapades that make it’s completion nothing short of a miracle.

The main characters are a wonderful, dynamic pair who’s love proves every bit as indestructible & indomitable as their story. Set against the backdrop of the French Revolution and a war between empires, two fascinating characters are thrown together: a hardened, cynical rogue who’s years of service to the Crown have left him with a legendary reputation in international intrigue, and a spirited, valiant young lady who proves he’s met his match.

It’s a thrilling and fascinatining journey, one that I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing.