Interview List

Thank you for your interest in being interviewed by me, & I’ll look forward to hearing from you! Authors from all genres are welcome, and I’ll make every effort to respond to questions promptly (blog comments or tweets @ErynLockhart  are preferred).

The list of authors slated to have interviews on my blog is in order of appearance below. I generally try to feature an author a week, names will be added in the order in which they are received. Each author will receive  several days of face-time at the top of my blog, and their names will be grayed out after.

  1. Sarah Williams, Captive
  2. Keith Weaver, The Nefarious: Prince of Shadow
  3. Rachel Hanson, The Life and Times of Rebecca Walker
  4. Elise Marion, The Third Son
  5. M.P. Hedley, The Lost Story: The Scroll of Remembrance
  6. S C Cunningham, The Penance list
  7. Demzy, J’Adore La Dolce Vita blog
  8. Elizabeth Miller
  9. Ranae Rose
  10. Michael Meyer
  11. Marti Talbott
  12. Traci Hilton
  13. John Anson
  14. P.L. Blair
  15. Alessa Adamo

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