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Now that personal drama has been reduced to a low simmer, and life is getting back to quasi-normal, I’d like to return to one of my favorite things to do on my blog: Interviewing authors. Over the next week, I’ll be getting in touch with those whose interviews were regrettably postponed amid the spider infested and box-cutter induced mayhem that prevented me from typing much of anything while my hand recovered. During that time, I’ll also be accepting interview requests from authors of all genres. Priority will be given to the authors who are already on my interview list, assuming they still wish to participate. After that, it’s first come, 1st served. I’ll try to have one author featured a week.

Here are the requirements:

You must be published.  I don’t care whether it’s traditional, indie, self-published, e-published, whatever…just as long as there’s some way for readers to be able to view your work in a published form. I will accept requests from debut authors with the following conditions:

  • Your book must be complete.
  • You must have a publishing date set.
  • Your interview will NOT go live until your book is published.
  1. Send me a comment indicating your interest in being interviewed either through my blog, or direct message/DM thru Twitter (@ErynLockhart).
  2. I will get back to you with the approximate date for the interview to go live if you accept.
  3. If you still want to be interviewed, please respond promptly with the name of the book(s) you want the interview to focus on, your email address, and few details that you’d like me to include in an author’s introduction.
  4. I will respond with your interview questions, then it will be up to you to answer them, and include any links you would like potential readers to have for getting in touch with you or reading/buying your books. I’ll format the interview, and will make an effort for you to be able to see it in order to make changes/suggestions before it goes live on my blog.


I reserve the right to refuse to interview any author for any reason. There is no fee, either implicit or implied, in being interviewed by me; there is also no guarantee, implicit or implied, that being featured on my blog will impact your sales one way or another. This activity is done on a purely voluntary basis, and being interviewed does not equal my personal endorsement for either you or your work. Review copies of books are not necessary, though if you’d like to give away a copy of your book to a lucky reader, you’re more than welcome. At this time I am NOT doing book reviews. I am simply offering authors a chance to showcase their works and themselves through interviews on my blog. I also do not require that you interview me in return; it would be appreciated, but is not mandatory. Lastly, interviews are open to authors of all genres.