What better way to say I’m back than by stopping by my blog, blowing off the cobwebs, and writing a little something to assure myself and the WordPress admins that I am not, in fact, deceased.

Actually–despite an unwelcome infestation of brown recluse spiders giving it their best effort–I’m still alive, with all limbs intact, and aside from a heightened degree of arachnophobia, I can even pass for being my normal, slightly zany self. I’ve moved to a new home, started a new second job, and even got my first set of wheels.

My New Ride: Lance Cali Classic 125–This is her ‘before’ picture; she’s about to have some custom work done ;)

My time away wasn’t spent merely losing the war against an empire of invading spiders then riding off into the sunset for a tactical retreat…I also managed to get in a fight with a box cutter. In case you were wondering, the box cutter won. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much of my blood on the outside of my body since storm waves introduced me to Galveston’s Sea Wall. I got a nifty set of stitches, but temporarily lost fine motor skills. However—I’ve been recovering smoothly, and I’m due to get the blasted things out next week, which means that this charming little entry will hopefully be the 1st and only one I’ll have to type one handed.