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Spooktacular Reads :)


Happy Halloween everyone!

No tricks, just treats today. In the spirit of the season, I’m recommending a few books I’ve truly enjoyed over the years, featuring casts of characters that modern Halloween wouldn’t be the same without–vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches, warlocks, and more! Thrills & chills abound in these books, and should you choose to enjoy any of these sweet reads, you have the options of naughty…and naughtier. They’re wickedly good fun :) The only thing better than 1 deliciously decadent treat is several–so I’ve hauled up two of my favorite series for your paranormal reading pleasure on this sugar rush & costume-fueled holiday.

Option 1: Linda Lael Miller’s Vampire series~ My favorite paranormal romance series. Ever. These are the vampire romances I compare all others against–the gold standard. I’ve read both Anne Rice & Laurell K Hamiliton, and numerous other authors exploring romance with immortal nightwalkers…and Miss Miller’s take on eternal love among the creatures of the night is by far my favorite. These books are richly sensual, compelling, addictively good, with superb characterization, storyline,  pacing, and plot. Simply put–they are AMAZING.

Cover Art for Linda Lael Miller's Vampire Series

Option Two: Angela Knight’s Mageverse Series~ Paranormal Erotic Romance–very heavy on erotica. These books are scorching hot! Suspension of disbelief is fairly important as the series combines Knights of the Round Table, vampires, werewolves, fey creatures, demons, alternate magical realms, and our own non-magic Earth in rather um–inventive–ways. However, while the plots and storylines may be a little far-fetched, the love scenes/sex scenes sizzle. These books are unabashedly erotic, undeniably stirring, and unashamedly inventive between the sheets, against the wall, in the shower…pretty much anywhere there’s a reasonably accommodating surface. There is a story, there is a plot, and there is character development…but 5 alarm sexual chemistry & its red hot release is the driving force & big draw of this series.

Sampling of Angela Knight's Mageverse Series

I hope you have a fantastic Halloween! :)