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I’ve had a spectacularly good time leading up to Halloween. I guest posted for Steph (aka: @fangswandsfairy) for her blog Fangs Wands & Fairy Dust while she had some well-deserved R&R, hammered out another couple thousand words on my latest work in progress, reached 600+ followers on Twitter, discovered Klout,  received a 5 star review of After Midnight on Smashwords, and was able to attend a costume ball at South Beach dance club in Houston in full SteamPunk Masquerade regalia.

Unfortunately, the latest work in progress is one extra life and a few 1,000 words short of where it was at the beginning of the week. Someone crushed the usb drive it was on under their wedge heel (and no, it wasn’t me–I prefer platforms). The backup file was 15,000 words behind, but I’ve been busily rewriting, and will continue to do so tomorrow during Halloween day. I’m trying to get the manuscript rough draft completed before NanoWriMo on Nov 1st, and the start of a new story.

In fact, the only thing that’s really getting me down is that this will be the first anniversary I’ve spent apart from my fiance.  A few years ago, we attended a Halloween costume competition together, had a blast, and decided to go from being friends to dating. Ever since, we’ve always managed to be together on Halloween. It’s an unconventional anniversary, to be sure…but it’s ours.

This year marks the 1st time in our relationship we won’t be able to spend at least some of the evening in each other’s arms. We went long distance at the start of the school year–He’s over 1,000 miles away, completing coursework for his second Masters…and I’m here, wishing desperately I could be by his side. It’s enough to that not even the glitter disaster following my little sister’s experiments with making her own fairy wings can truly restore shine to the day. No amount of pixie dust or candy is compensation for the absence of the one you love. In honor of the season, and my mood, I  give you Sally’s Song: sung by Amy Lee, with clips from the Halloween Classic: the Nightmare before Christmas.

On a lighter note, I’m planning to attend a fall festival complete with bungee runs, laser tag, dunking booths, and all the cakes, candies, and caramel apples I care to eat later today. I may have to spend Halloween & my anniversary apart from the man I love,  but I won’t spend all of it shut away in my writer’s cave, staring miserably at the word processor. Around 4-5pm, I’m going to try my best to have a good time, rock my costume, have a blast at the festival, and finish the night with Zombieland or Trick-r-Treat –two darkly humorous horror movies that truly capture both the fun & the fright of the season. I may even pass out some candy to the hordes of trick-or-treaters roaming in packs through suburbia :)

What are/were your plans for Halloween?