The Lockhart Letters

Exciting Times Ahead


Hello everyone, and welcome to the weekend :) As some of you know, I’ve hosted author interviews off and on here at  The Lockhart Letters; most recently for Rachel Hanson, but also for Sarah Williams and Keith Weaver. In the process I discovered I’m addicted. I truly love getting to know the people behind the stories, and I’m fascinated by having a deeper understanding of fellow writers–what motivates us, what we do for fun, how we got started, and so much more.  As a result, I’ve decided to make author interviews a more regular occurrence on the blog.

There’s a full line up authors who will be stopping by; each one will get about 4 days at the top of the Letters before moving on to the next writer, so make sure you check back often to see the latest guest! All genres are welcome, and quite a few are already going to be represented in the coming weeks: historical romance, young adult fantasy, salacious crime thrillers, humorist, young adult, mystery, and more. First up in the hot seat will be Elise Marion, a debut independent author who just released her first novel, a historical Romance entitled  The Third Son. It looks like an interesting read, and has been very well received by readers on Amazon.

In addition to author interviews, I’ll be adding more media to the site in the form of book trailers (which will also be incorporated into existing pages), new story information, and beefing up the FAQ section with disclosure info–mostly the following:

I am not compensated for interviewing authors or reviewing books. Both activities are on a volunteer basis; neither the authors nor any of their representatives pay me to do so. I may receive free review copies of works from those interested in having me review their book, but I am not on their payroll.  Interviewing authors does not equal my personal endorsement for individual writers or their work; it is merely an opportunity for me to share my love of learning more about the people behind the books with fellow readers.

There are lots of wonderful things heading your way, so be sure to stop back often!