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I was rummaging through my wardrobe looking for stuff to donate when I  reacquainted myself with my shoes. Patent leather, PVC, fetish heels…when thinking of my footwear, the term ‘exotic’ comes to mind. My sister calls them stripper heels. Very few of my shoes have less than a 3″ heel, most will take my 5’8″ frame and turn me into a 6’+ Glamazon Goddess.

Some women love sensible heels, ballet flats, tennis shoes, ect…I don’t.  While  other little girls were racing about in Mary Janes, I was tottering in my first heels (required dress code for female chancel choir members). Since I was 10, they’ve been a constant presence in my wardrobe. By the time I was 13, I could run in stilettos. I love the sound they make as I walk, I love the wide variety of styles, colors, trims…and the higher the heel the better. For where I live, my natural height is average, but my body type is not. It’s an overblown hourglass.  Heels help elongate my frame & make me look more proportionate, assist with posture, and are great for self defense. I had a lovely pair of custom steel-toed Demonia styled boots that I used for breaking shins and insteps whenever creeps got too hands on during my solo backpacking trip in Europe, and a divine set of 6 inch spike heels that were my standard frat boy defense during parties at college.

For every major event in my life, I can remember the shoes I wore with it–there were the 4 1/2″ burgundy faux croc embossed stiletto heeled T-straps I wore on my 1st cruise, the 3 1/2″ metallic black and silver lighting snakeskin peep-toes when my fiance proposed, the 6″ heels with 1/2″ platform PVC pearlescent peacock blue Mary Jane’s I wore to college graduation, and the distressed leather 5″ spike heeled mid-thigh biker boots I brought out for clubbing or riding on my friend’s scooter. I love my shoes; Pleasers, Jante, Demonia, Elle, Chinese Laundry, and more…the colors and the styles found in the more exotic range suit my personality to a T. So, while I have house-slippers and gym shoes moldering somewhere in my closet, it’s my heels that see the most use. Killer fashion accessories, defensive weapons, and always reliable…I’ll let my sister stick to her delicate ballet slippers and infernally slapping thong sandals. I’m addicted to walking on the wild side :)

How about you? Do you have a preference for footwear, or favorite shoes?