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Interviewing Keith Weaver, Author of ‘The Nefarious: Prince of Shadow’


The first bite of Fall is in the air, Halloween is approaching, and there’s no better time to curl up beneath a warm blanket by the hearth and enjoy the thrill of a good horror story. With that in mind, please welcome Keith Weaver, author of the spine chilling tale The Nefarious: Prince of Shadow:

When you’re not writing, what do you like to do? I do a lot with my family, especially my boys.  After that, I love movies, music and sports.  I can watch just about any movie, and love listening to music no matter what I’m doing.  I’m a huge football, basketball and MMA fan.  I still like to play when I can and compete in basketball leagues in the winter and train in MMA for sport, mostly Jiu Jitsu.

What can you tell us about your book? My book is a supernatural horror book, my first one.  I was really into horror in college, then got involved in some literature and writing courses, and thought why not combine the two and work on my own book.  The basic premise is a 300 year old curse on a castle is unleashed when a film crew shows up to shoot a movie in the caverns below.  People start disappearing, and you’ll have to read it to find out how it ends.

What kind of horror do you most enjoy? Supernatural, thriller, slasher, true crime, ect…and why? I was really into the slasher in my teen years, loved the Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween movies.  Now, I think I sway more towards the supernatural and paranormal.  Supernatural is actually a favorite show of mine, and I enjoy a good haunting, exorcism or ghost movie.  I thought the Paranormal Activity movies were well done.

Where do you get your inspiration? It comes from different places.  I think the inspiration for my first book was due to the large number of horror movies and books I enjoyed growing up.  My current work was really inspired by my kids and other adventurous tales I’ve read.

What kind of books do you like to read? I’ll read just about anything.  My preferences are horror, mystery, thriller, fantasy and sci-fi.  I enjoyed books like the Phantom Tollbooth and Alice in Wonderland as a kid, and gravitated to Stephen King and Clive Barker as a teenager.  One of my favorite authors to read today is Simon R. Green.

What’s something about you that not many people know? I’m a goofy, fun loving guy.  I like to take my boys to Disney movies, and pretend its for them!  My 6-year old and I like to go hit 3D movies, we just saw Shark Night 3D, we have a blast.  I don’t like to take things too seriously until I have to, I’m all about having fun and acting like a kid doesn’t bother me.

When did you know you were a writer? Recently!  Doing interviews like this, getting to know other authors and bloggers and joining author networks has helped.  I’ve been told that when you publish that second book, then it really hits you, looking forward to that.

What would be your ideal writer’s retreat? A dark, secluded cabin in the woods, with plenty of Doritos and cookie dough ice cream to eat!  I’ve always wanted to try that, being alone and having a quiet and somewhat spooky place.  The food, well…

 What advice would you give for writers just starting out? Network, get to know other authors and bloggers.  Doing an interview or conducting your own can be good ways to get to know others, and learn about their successes.  Also, be true to yourself.  We all have different ideas and styles, stick to what you are and make the adventure a happy and peaceful one.

Do you have any other books in the works? I do, I’m working on a young adult fantasy book that will be out later this year.  It’s called Nebulous, keep an eye out for it.  As I mentioned earlier, this was kind of inspired by my kids and their love for animals, creatures, bugs, monsters, etc.

Where can readers connect with you? Please do connect with me at any of these, or all venues.  I love talking to people and getting to know them.

Where can readers find your book? You can currently find it here: