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I recently read an interesting article (written by what I assume to be a morning person) on how being a night owl can be detrimental to one’s health, employment, relationships, life, ect…

Some people shine in daylight, others at night. Here is my perspective (related purely to my personal experience–I do not claim to speak for night owls everywhere): Being a Night Owl rocks.

Want proof? Cities come alive at night. The arts district, the club district, the theatre, the cinema–ALL of them kick into high gear after the sun goes down. A city that was piles of concrete baking in the sun is transformed into a twinkling urban fantasy of lights, sounds, and people. Instead of shuttling back and forth to workplace drudgery, most of the people you meet are out to explore and have a good time. More often than not, my day begins with a party–watching movies with loved ones, belting tunes in karaoke, finding new places to dance or eat, and the people around me contribute to a celebratory mood. Night time is when everyone seems to give themselves permission to cut loose, unwind, and have fun.

Then when the party’s over and it’s time to get down to business, or run errands, being a night owl is fantastic. No rush hour traffic to worry about. Shorter lines at most places including supermarkets–most in my area are open ’til midnight, and Wal-Mart supercenters are open 24hrs. Even banking’s not a problem with direct deposit and online account management, though if I feel the need to go to a bank, ATM’s are always 24hrs, and Bank of America will let me do cash deposits through them whenever I’d like.

For personal relationships, friendships, ect…I’ve never had it better in my life than since I’ve been a Night Owl. I’m fresh and rested when they come staggering in from another day at the office, and I can generally make them smile. I’m never short of temper, because I haven’t been dealing with irritations or annoyances or office politics all day–I can give them my full attention without being distracted by worplace stress or fatigue, and I’m always up for going out on the days they want to unwind. They get the best of me–not what’s left after the daily grind and  dealing with rush hour traffic.

Then after spending time with them, I go on to my job. For employment, no worries—there are plenty of jobs & employers out there who need employees willing to hold down the fort during the dark hours, and those shifts are generally the easiest to come by–less competition from the dawn-raiders & the morning majority. And while odds are you’ll meet a few interesting characters working so-called graveyard shifts, in reality–it’s generally less busy & therefore less stressful than having the same shift earlier in the day.

There’s takeout and fast food at all hours of the night, and even 24hr restaurants like IHOP and JoJo’s, and Steak n Shake;  and if I feel like dining earlier (say 6-10pm) there’s practically unlimited choices because you’d be hard-pressed to find  any restaurant that closed its doors to the dinner crowd.

And if forced to stay up during the day…I’m generally pretty mellow. It’s when I’ve been up for over 32hrs that I seem to run into problems. Then again, with that kind of sleep deprivation, it wouldn’t matter if I was a Night Owl or a morning person, no one would function at 100%.

When my day winds to a close (generally around 9-11am), I’ll have made my friends and family’s day when they came home the night before,  attended to my business while they slept, sent them off to work again with a smile, and be ready to celebrate all over again when they come home in a few hours. Being a night owl gives me the freedom to live my life, and to live the best parts of it. I never  feel as though I’m missing out, I always find time to enjoy myself, and I routinely enjoy watching the sunrise and sunset…just in reverse order ;)