The Lockhart Letters

Time for Fireworks…


Celebrations are in order. Tonight, I went from pursuing the dream to living it!

In general, I live my life as I please. I find it easier to be myself than be a method actor, and my life’s too short to waste on pretending to be something and someone I’m not. It hasn’t always been the easiest road to take, and I know there are millions of people out there struggling with the same issues.

Tonight, all that effort, all the 1,001 things that I’ve endured, lived through, experienced, and learned on the journey to simply being me…all the years of writing, knowing that I wanted to be a romance author, that I wanted to be able to share my stories with others, and my refusal to give up in the face of rejection letters or snarky comments, disdain, & scorn…all of that solidified into the knowledge that I am exactly who and what I want to be.

What brought on this epiphany? Tonight, as I was tallying up the  numbers from across my distribution channels, I realized I’d reached 50 sales. True, it’s not a staggering amount, and I already knew I was a published author, but it never felt real to me before tonight. It’s finally dawned on me that after all this time, after staying true to myself, my passion, and what I love, I finally achieved my dream:  I am a romance author.

For anyone out there battling for their dream, keep at it. Follow your heart, your interests, and be proud of who you are. Every one of us is unique, don’t be afraid to show it. Let it shine. With only one life to live, what’s the point of living it like someone else?

PS: I’d also like to express my profound gratitude for those who stood by me & supported me on this journey. Hold onto your seats, because I’m just getting started!