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Even more jam-packed days since the last post; this time, I used the interim period for my Author’s Website to go live, check for displayed issues  & feedback  on Amazon’s KDP forum, networked with WoMen’s Literary Cafe on their Facebook threads for #ShareTheLove & #TagNLIke, and then watched my Twitter follower count explode. The remainder of this post is geared for authors and writers wanting to get involved in social media.

I’d like to take a moment to praise WoMen’s Literary Cafe. It’s a great place designed for Author & Writers to network with each other,  to help promote likes, followers, and product tags on Amazon by supporting each other & interconnections through social media, and it works strictly the honor policy.  It also flat out works.

I have about 80 more tweeps than I did 24hrs ago.

Working your way through the lists sends ricochets pinging through Amazon, the twitter-verse, and FB, and in return, links for you & your work will be spread by dozens if not hundreds of writing professionals to their 1,000s of followers. It’s a domino/ripple effect, and it’s extraordinarily powerful.  The lists are rather intimidating, and they continue to grow as the community expands, but the effort is well worth it. I just completed the lists this morning, my sales are up, my excerpts have been re-tweeted across several other author’s follower lists,  & my followers & FB likes are up as well. However, they do check to make sure that users continue participating in the lists; if you’re not, you’ll be removed.

So here’s to seeing the return of social media karma; it makes for good vibrations indeed.