The Lockhart Letters

I’m Feeling Good…


It’s been incredibly busy since the last post; in the past 4 days I picked a host, domain, and my entire fledgling author’s website was designed (complete with graphics, content, book excerpts & cover art). Now all that’s left is transferring it via FTP to my domain so that it will go live. I also signed up and was approved for All Romance eBooks’ Publisher/Author status, opted in to their review program, went on a formatting spree, and uploaded both After Midnight & The Hellfire Bride this morning. As of this evening, they’ve already had sales.  Cue Micheal Buble’s “I’m Feeling Good.”

This afternoon, I checked out another author’s blog for tips on how to use Twitter (I’ve only been tweeting for about 3 weeks, still pretty clueless), then went exploring determined to put his recommendations to use…with  rather comical results. I didn’t realize that Twitter’s Follow suggestions function like YouTube’s video suggestions: they never end. Which is how I went from following 8 people to 170 something in about an hour and a half. I was thrilled to find so many other readers and lovers of romance,  and was having a blast clicking on profiles and twitter feeds…I blame sleep deprivation for the reason I didn’t notice how the list kept expanding. LOL….hopefully I’ll be forgiven for my enthusiasm.

In other news, if you want a FREE ereader, Danielle (aka: DBookWhore on Twitter) is giving away her mint condition Nook! Enter for a chance to win at her blog: 

My 1st sale from Smashwords also came in, so now I’m officially generating revenue from all four of the distributors where my books are available. It feels great to know that my stories are going out to a wider public, and I’ve even gotten some great Reviews on Amazon for After Midnight. Anytime  formatting is giving me a migraine, I just pull up that page, and it’s better than Advil.

Plans for the rest of tonight are re-arranging my bedroom, packing away the last of my baby sister’s things, and hopefully getting my PC set up so I can continue writing Bittersweet.