Smashwords has just become the latest platform where my books are available. Thanks to a double-shot of Dr. Pepper, the help of a second set of eyes, and sheer stubborness, After Midnight and The Hellfire Bride went live sometime around 3am this morning. After an exhausting night, formatting & revision has been completed for all of my stories across each of the 3 distributors: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Mac, iPhone, Ipad, Sony Reader, smart phone, and PC readers, rejoice! Now, thanks to Smashwords, with or without a Kindle, Nook (or their emulator software), you can also enjoy my stories…and as an added bonus, you’ll get an exclusive free extended preview excerpt thanks to the site’s more flexible sample model!

I hope you enjoy…now I get to update some of my other posts with the new link info, then it’s off to bed.