Today has turned out completely different than originally planned. My sister needed her laptop, my PC is still in pieces without a place to set it up, my luggage is still in its cases because no one’s sure where I can put it until a room that was converted to storage reverts back to a bedroom—& where to put all of THAT stuff is also up in the air.

So, no formatting on Smashwords, no writing on Bittersweet; instead, I got a totally unexpected & unanticipated break from being an inde author/writer with a ton of work to do: the gift of not being able to do it. So…I decided to do what any self-respecting, driven individual would do—I went with it. Cue Bruno Mars and the lazy song, today I tuned out, relaxed, and vegged out.

Instead of going over my manuscripts with a fine toothed comb, I read Julie Garwood’s Heartbreaker. Instead of formatting for different platforms, I lazed around and enjoyed Jayne Castle’s Canyons of Night…and instead of being frustrated over the turn of events, I caught “The Wedding Planner” on TV for a dash of romance & a few laughs. I was also able to check my inbox & see a brand new email from my fiance :) The long distance situation with us right now is very hard on both of us—but seeing that message temporarily made the miles fade away.

So, to recap today:

  • Professional productivity: None
  • Personal Satisfaction: High
  • Regrets: None

& My sister wants her laptop back, so it’s once more onto the couch dear friends for the next movie. All in all, it’s been a delightful, unanticipated holiday from being me :)