Today has been spent alternating between working on a new category length Contemporary Romance, exploring, and trying to migrate my information on Facebook from a personal profile to a true Author’s page.

I’ve dived headlong into Goodreads, and am now an active, posting member in about 12 groups that apply to my current releases…I mentioned my book in their promo threads, then had a blast participating in other topics. I’ve missed chatting in a romance BB ever since the JMBB (Judith McNaught Bulletin Board) went offline, but I believe I’ve found a new virtual hang-out.

As a result of scanning the different threads, I was able to find out the name of a Historical Western I’ve been dying to re-read, but couldn’t remember the title of: Simply Love, by Catherine Anderson. With nothing but the plot to go on, my chances of finding the book again were slim…but thanks to one of the readers there, the hunt is over, and it’s sitting in my Amazon shopping cart :)

For the first day since moving, I met my writing goal, and I’ll be doing my best to keep the momentum going tomorrow. The latest work-in-progress is tentatively called Bittersweet. It jumped to the head of the pipeline by special request: my sister wants it as a belated college graduation gift. More so than any other title, this one truly has a deadline. I’m going to try to complete it within the next 1-2weeks, but it MUST be finished in time for RWA’s Golden Heart submission.

Facebook choked a couple of times when I tried to move my blog exports from my personal profile to my author page, but it finally seems to have settled down. The moment of truth will be when this post goes live…fingers crossed that it goes to my public profile rather than private.