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New Release! Presenting “After Midnight”


The wait is over. I’m thrilled to announce that After Midnight, my very first romance novel, is now available at, Barnes &, and Smashwords.

"Love is the Most Dangerous Game of All"

A Rakehell Rogue

In a world plagued by Revolution and Intrigue, love is the most dangerous game of all. When Lucien Warrick’s mission to rescue a French ambassador’s family from the Revolution goes awry, he has no way of knowing that he’ll meet his lethally lovely charge again in London. A legendary shadow with godlike reputation in international intrigue, the Night Wolf is about to meet his match.

A Defiant Damsel

As the sole support for her remaining family, Jacqueline Gervais has no time to play damsel in distress. Instead, she turns her unusual talents towards rescuing the Calvary and British artillery by spying for the Crown. A woman as skilled in deception as she is in sabotage, The Golden Hind is a creature of fatal allure and a thousand faces.

A Love That Will not be Ignored

A war between two nations pales in comparison to their clash of wills and passion, but when a sinister web of betrayal and deceit forces them to become mortal enemies, will the cost be their lives, or their hearts? The fate of two empires hangs in the balance, and anything is possible…After Midnight.


It is a fascinating full-length historical romance set during the Napoleonic Wars & early Regency. I loved writing Luc & Jacquline’s story, and I hope that you will welcome them into your hearts as well.  For anyone interested in adding their thrilling journey to their eBook collection, please click on the link below: