Today I’ve been battling with  For more than 8 hours. It kicked my novel out of “In Review” back into draft status late last night, I re-loaded everything & sent it back….

And woke up to Draft status this morning.

Every minute I could spare today was spent troubleshooting. Everything was re-formatted. The cover was re-worked. The properties were re-assigned….and then declared war.

This post marks the 4th time my story has been submitted today. I have to applaud the turnaround time–it averages 24hrs for Amazon to haul a novel out of cyber limbo to publish, but it’s apparently MUCH faster at spitting the files back at you & laughing in your face.  I’ve already spent the better part of today scanning the FAQ’s, How-to’s, and troubleshooting pages. If this last submission doesn’t work, I’m declaring a complete and utter rout of the DIY approach, and will be enlisting techinical support.