1. Are your novels available in hardcopy? At this point in time, my stories are only available in eBook format.
  2. Why eBooks? It allows me to offer my novels to readers for a lower price than standard printed books, saves trees, and is a great way for you to get a fantastic story at a bargain. My stories are currently available at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, Smashwords.com, and AllRomanceEbooks.com
  3. Do I have to have an eReader (Kindle, Nook, or iPad) to read your novels? Absolutely not. Thanks to Smashwords, you can read my stories on your PC or even smartphone, or for Amazon  & Barnes & Noble fans, you simply download whichever viewing format you like best–the Kindle from Amazon, or the Nook from Barnes & Noble, and you’ll be able to read straight from your PC.
  4. Are your novels compatible with both the Kindle & the Nook? Yes, and far more. Kindle & Smashwords fans will have access to my stories slightly faster than Nook users, because Barnes & Nobles has a few extra steps in their submission & editing process. Just make sure to get your ebook in the correct format–eBook files created for the Kindle are NOT interchangable with the Nook & vice versa,  & Smashwords editions are probably only meant to be used in machines compatible with the original format you choose to download.
  5. Will you have more novels coming out soon? I make every effort to write daily, but crafting a story, then editing, formatting, and having a cover designed for it is very time consuming. The best way to find out when more stories will be coming out is to check under the Current Events category in my blog–it contains the latest information on my works in progress.
  6. Why are some stories more expensive than others? It is directly related to word count and the time it took to write the book. Some of my stories are full-length novels, some are approximately the length of a Harlequin, and some are novellas designed to be finished in a lunch break. The longer the book, the higher the price.
  7. Why do you have stories that are different lengths? I think that everyone deserves to have romance in their life, regardless of time constraints or budgets. Some people may not have time to read a full-length novel, some may not have a budget that allows buying full-length novels whenever they’d like, and others may simply want to get a feel for my writing style before moving to a longer story. Offering books in 3 distinct lengths is my way of trying to make sure there’s something for every reader.
  8. Why are your books available at Amazon.com before Barnesandnoble.com? B&N’s turnaround time for eBook availablity after submission is slower than Amazon’s. On stories submitted the same day, Amazon can have books available within 24hrs after I upload the files, B&N can take up to 72. I have no control over how long either website holds the books in limbo after I supply the documents, but I make every effort to insure that both Kindle & Nook users have access to my stories asap

Disclosure Information

I am not compensated for interviewing authors or reviewing books. Both activities are on a volunteer basis, neither the authors nor any of their representatives pay me to do so. I may receive free reviews copies of a work from those interested in having me review their book, but I am not on their payroll.  Interviewing authors does not equal a personal endorsement for individual writers or their work; it is merely an opportunity for me to share my love of learning more about the people behind the books, and gain an inside perspective.

Finally, I am a member of Amazon affiliates; and have incorporated affiliate product links into my site. If you click on one and proceed to buy an item & keep it, I’ll eventually  receive a few pennies in return. It’s not even enough to support getting a bar of chocolate a week, much less a career–but if you don’t want to be bothered with them, don’t buy anything through the window the link takes you to–just open up a new tab, and proceed from there. Affiliate pennies come from Amazon, not you or authors–they’re essentially a brief pat on the back for networking and getting new material up; and they also let me know if perhaps my writing style on The Letters could be more effective.